" My working process is pretty stressful. I get very uncomfortable when I hear other artists talk about how much fun they have drawing. "
by Stuart Kolakovic on his artistic process in an interview for nobrow.com
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Andrea Kang’s illustrations invite you into a girly world filled with bears and little creatures. Following her graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design, she went on to work for Hasbro designing toys. Some of which you can find here.

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Some more work by Ji Hyun Yu. Each poster is based on a question that start with ” Am I…?.” 
All the questions are from the book ” Will happiness find me?” by Peter Fischli & Daivd Weiss

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A few pages from ‘100 People I Drew’ by Ji Hyun Yu from Seoul, South Korea. You can find her website here.

Illustrations by Stockholm-based artist and illustrator Fanny Valentin.

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James Ulmer’s work often uses complex repetition to create patterns that fill the entire page, but each repeated image is not without it’s individuality.  Juxtapoz Magazine said, “Titles like Many FacesSoccer Players, and Lots of Lots all suggest the quantity within the drawings: the quantity of strokes, which are visible, the quantity of characters, which are apparent, and the quantity of variations, which reveals the artist’s hand and imagination.”

This is the work of Laurie Rollit, a graduate from the Illustration course at Bristol University, his style is simple yet charming.  His work has featured in a number of publications including the New York Times, WIRED and  Eureka Magazine.

Daniel Lachenmeier, born and raised in Switzerland, is a freelance illustrator who creates surreal, suburban collages and muted palette paintings. 

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Lizzy Stewart is a London based illusttator, her work has . She is inspired by buildings, bears and anything sad. In an interview by Emily Beber for It’s Nice That her work was described as  ”…at times a wonderfully peculiar haze of the everyday mixed with the curious and a hint of nostalgia just to move us that little bit more.” 

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Amelie Fontaine is an illustrator based in France. Her work is detailed and intricate and often incorporates surreal aspects. In an interview for Ape On The Moon blog she said:

I like creating strange scenes, sometimes funny, sometimes slightly frightening, like an awoken dream. I’m first interested in drawing. 

Lines, textures, strange materials… I enjoy playing with shapes, repetition, patterns. I like simple and immediate tools: I mostly use pencils, or ink with a quill or a brush. Sometimes color pencils or felt pens. I still don’t feel very comfortable with painting. I often use computer to color my images.”

Selection of illustrations by Paola Gaviria Silguero. You can find her blog here.

These are some of Irana Douer’s lovely ladies. Irana is an Argentinian illustrator and designer. She designs and sells lovely eco-friendly bags, pillowcases and stickers. You can find her etsy page here.

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Johan Björkegren’s work is intricate, complex and richly textured. He often depicts lonely people and buildings in vast, dark landscapes.

Zoetrope animation.

Since having a brace I have been a tooth and teeth brushing obsessive. I am currently working on an animation titled ‘The Dentist.’